Posted: April 03, 2015 | Senator Dutremble, Senator Miramant, Transportation

Two lawmakers proposed legislation and received support by public safety officials


AUGUSTA – Earlier this week, two Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would eliminate the annual requirement for motor vehicle inspections and extend the time between inspections.


Sen. David Miramant of Camden

Sen. David Miramant of Camden

“Extending the time between inspections would cut down on this unjust and unfair practice,” said Democratic State Senator Dave Miramant of Camden, who sponsored one of the measures. “It’s time to remove this unnecessary burden of vehicle ownership in Maine.”


Under Miramant’s proposal, the annual inspection requirement for motor vehicles would move to a two-year inspection. The bill would also allow new motor vehicles to receive a four-year inspection sticker upon purchase. These provisions would not include commercial vehicles, trailers and semitrailers.


Currently, there are 32 states that do not have a vehicle safety inspection program.


“Other states have two year inspections stickers or no inspections at all,” said Democratic State Senator David Dutremble of Biddeford, sponsor of another bill to eliminate annual inspection stickers. “I would like to see the State of Maine increase the amount of time between inspection stickers.”


Dutremble’s proposal would require motor vehicle inspections every two years in Maine.


Sen. David Dutremble of Biddeford

Sen. David Dutremble of Biddeford

Maine State Police Lieutenant Brian Scott spoke in support of both bills on behalf of the Department of Public Safety. As part of his testimony, he did suggest working with the committee to address a new inspection sticker program to ensure proper enforcement.


The Transportation Committee will hold a work session on the bills in the coming weeks.

Senator Miramant’s bill, LD 381, An Act to Change the Motor Vehicle Inspection Requirements to Extend the Time between Inspections.


Senator Dutremble’s bill, LD 348, An Act To Provide for 2-year Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers.