Breen statement on International Women's Day

Posted: March 08, 2018 | Senator Breen

AUGUSTA–In honor of International Women’s Day, Sen. Cathy Breen of Falmouth released the following statement commemorating the holiday and calling for more progress towards gender parity:

“We all benefit when everyone can participate in our communities and contribute to our economy. On International Women’s Day, we are reminded why it is imperative that both men and women have the equal opportunities and resources to succeed. While society has made progress over the past century, it is clear that our fight for equal opportunity between the sexes is far from over.

According to the Maine Department of Labor, women’s pay continues to lag substantially behind men’s for equal work. Women are more likely to live in poverty than men, and women serving in leadership roles remains disproportionately low. Further, the #MeToo movement has highlighted the gross discrimination and harassment women have experienced both in the workplace and in their personal lives. The truth is, this International Women’s Day is an opportunity not just to reflect on how far we’ve come but also to take stock of the urgent work that lies ahead.

I have the immense honor of working with more than 60 women colleagues in the Maine Legislature in both chambers and on either side of the aisle, and I know the Legislature is a better place because of it. But we still make up only one-third of the total membership. As we celebrate and honor women today, I remain committed to fighting for equality in the State House by supporting legislation on freedom from harassment and violence, paid family leave, affordable child care, access to health care, and pay equity.”