Chipman bill to keep big money out of local politics receives committee approval

Posted: March 01, 2019 | Senator Chipman, Veterans and Legal Affairs

AUGUSTA — Legislation sponsored by Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland, that would limit campaign contributions in local elections received committee approval on Friday. The Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee backed LD 780, “An Act To Change Municipal Campaign Contribution Limits,” in an 8-1 vote.

“When you have candidates for city council raising $50,000 and candidates for mayor raising $100,000, that’s a problem,” said Senator Chipman. “By significantly lowering the contribution limit, this bill will go a long way toward getting money out of politics at the local level.”

As amended and passed by the committee, LD 780 would reduce the  maximum allowable contribution for candidates for municipal office from $800 to $500.

The bill now faces votes in the Maine House and Senate.