Claxton bill to create a medication redispensing program receives a public hearing

Posted: May 10, 2019 | Health and Human Services, Senator Claxton

AUGUSTA — A bill from Sen. Ned Claxton, D-Auburn, LD 1661, “An Act To Create the Drug Donation and Redispensing Program” received a public hearing before the Legislature’s Health Coverage Committee on Wednesday. The bill would establish a drug donation and redispensing program for low-income Mainers.


“When people do not have adequate access to medication, they make drastic decisions, including decreasing the recommended dose,” said Sen. Claxton. “Providing free or low-cost medicine to those with limited means, is one way we can help save people’s lives.”


Thirty-eight states have already enacted legislation to promote drug return, donation and reuse. In 2016, Wyoming redistributed more than $2.4 million worth of meds. Having unused medication distributed to those with limited needs is one way to reduce the cost of medications for people who really need it. The state of Iowa spends $1 for every $7 of medication distributed. LD 1661 would establish a drug donation and redispensing program in Maine through participating pharmacies for qualified low-income Mainers.


The bill faces more action in the committee and votes before the full Maine Senate and House.