Democratic Weekly Radio Address: Democratic Leader Barry Hobbins

Posted: February 17, 2012 | Senator Hobbins, Uncategorized, Weekly Radio Address

Weekly Radio Address: Sen. Hobbins

The Resounding Win for Democrats in Senate District 20 a Wake Up Call to the LePage and Republican Lawmakers

Good Morning. This is Senate Democratic Leader Barry Hobbins of Saco.

Earlier this week, the people of Maine spoke. And their voice was loud and clear: They want change in Augusta.

In a special election for Senate District 20 which includes all of Lincoln County and several communities in Knox and Kennebec, Democrat Chris Johnson pulled off a huge victory against a very experienced Republican lawmaker. This is a seat that has been held by Republicans for nearly a decade, but this week, voters sent a clear message to lawmakers: they seriously question the direction taken by the LePage administration and the Republican Legislature.


It’s becoming clear to voters that only one party cares about working families; only one party is working to put more money in to the pockets of middle-class families; only one party defends our most vulnerable; and only one party has your back…and that’s the Democratic Party.


Since the Republicans took charge of the Blaine House and State House they’ve delivered on little of what they’ve promised or what is important to Mainers. Instead of rubber stamping national agenda ideologies we should be focused on job creation and working to put more money back in to the pockets of middle class families.


The resounding win for Democrats in Senate District 20 we hope will be a wake up call to this administration and to my Republican colleagues.



We believe the win is a repudiation of the misguided policies of the majority party. In fact, the defeated Republican candidate may have said it best, and I quote, “I would simply say this vote represents a referendum on the governor and maybe the budget we are trying to get passed. That might have something to do with it.”


Mainers want lawmakers who will focus on creating jobs and putting money in their pockets not an ideological agenda that picks winners and losers and benefits the rich at the expense of working people.

Democrats will continue our focus and commitment to getting people back to work and creating jobs that keep our kids in Maine.

We will continue to make sure our seniors, our veterans, our children and the most vulnerable are taken care of.

And, we will work to ensure that we can all afford to take care of our health needs.

Just like helping a neighbor in a time of need; we must work hard and work together. As Mainers, we believe in family, in hard work, and in community. We may have trouble asking for help, but we certainly have no trouble offering it to those who need a hand. Maine people are known for their resolve and it is what makes Maine a great place to call home.

This is Democratic Leader Barry Hobbins of Saco. Thank you for listening and have a good weekend.