Deschambault bill to permit alcohol tastings at farmers’ markets receives Senate approval

Posted: June 12, 2019 | Senator Deschambault, Veterans and Legal Affairs

A bill from Sen. Susan Deschambault, D-Biddeford, LD 805, “An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Taste Testing and Retail Sales of Liquor at Farmers’ Markets,” received approval from the Maine Senate on Tuesday. LD 805 would allow free alcohol tastings in farmers’ markets and update certain restrictions in current law.

“Farmers’ markets are vital parts of many of our communities, especially in the warmer months,” said Sen. Deschambault. “This bill will encourage more people to go to farmers’ markets and support their local businesses. I appreciate my colleagues’ support.”

LD 805 would remove the restriction on the number of taste-testing events hosted at a farmers’ market per month. It also specifies that a Maine brewery, winery or distillery cannot produce more than 50,000 gallons per year to be able to hold taste-testing events at a farmers’ market.

The bill now faces additional votes in the Maine Senate and House.                                                                                                                    ###