Governor signs into law Sen. Daughtry bill to provide transparency about pesticides used at schools

Posted: June 17, 2021 | Senator Daughtry

AUGUSTA — On Monday, Gov. Janet Mills signed into law a bill from Sen. Mattie Daughtry, D-Brunswick. LD 524, “Resolve, Directing the Board of Pesticides Control To Research Workable Methods To Collect Pesticide Sales and Use Records for the Purpose of Providing Information to the Public,” will  improve transparency about what pesticides are being used on school grounds

Sen. Mattie Daughtry

“This is the first issue I testified about before the Legislature, when I was still in high school. I’m so glad to see this bill move through the legislative process and be passed into law. Greater transparency will help protect our students, school staff and communities,” said Sen. Daughtry.

As amended, LD 524, as a resolve, would direct the state Board of Pesticides Control, which is part of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, to collect data on pesticides used at schools and determine the best way to share this information with the public.

Kathy Murray, integrated pest management entomologist with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, testified in support of the bill, saying the department “supports making these records more easily accessible to the general public.”