Legislative Council accepts Sen. Bellows bills for consideration in 2020

Posted: October 25, 2019 | Senator Bellows

The Legislative Council on Wednesday approved legislation from Sen. Shenna Bellows, D-Manchester, for consideration in the 2020 session of the Maine Legislature.

“The 2020 legislative session provides an opportunity to focus on urgent and important issues that matter to Mainers,” said Sen. Bellows. “Each of my bills was brought forward by a Mainer who identified an challenge worth tackling, and I’m excited for the work ahead to strengthen Maine’s economic and educational opportunities for all.”

The bills Sen. Bellows introduced are:

LR 2970, “An Act To Establish a Public-Private Collaboration for Emerging Nanosatellite and Aerospace Technology,” which would position Maine to become one of the few northern hemisphere launch sites for nanosatellite technology, an emerging sector prime for expanded economic development in the state.

LR 2964, “An Act To Facilitate Speech-Language Therapy,” addresses an issue brought to Sen. Bellows by a speech language pathologist working in local public schools. The legislation will help alleviate a shortage of speech language pathologists in local schools by directing the Board of Licensing for speech language pathologists to adopt rules to permit speech language pathologist assistants serving children in school districts to practice under the license of more than one SLP and to allow speech language pathologists to have more than two speech language pathologist assistants on their license, up to three full time equivalents.

LR 2681, “An Act To Protect Job Applicants from Identity Theft,” which clarifies a provision in a new law protecting job applicants from identity theft by preventing potential employers from unnecessarily asking for Social Security Numbers on applications. The bill eliminates potential confusion for entities hiring CDL truck drivers, which are required to ask for SSNs by federal law.

Bills submitted for consideration during the Second Regular Session, which begins Jan. 8, must be approved by a majority of the 10-member Legislative Council as emergency measures. The Council consists of the 10 elected members of legislative leadership.