Legislature votes in favor of Sen. Deschambault’s bills to recognize parts of Maine’s heritage

Posted: March 31, 2021 | Senator Deschambault, Transportation

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, the Maine Senate voted in favor of two bills from Sen. Susan Deschambault, D-Biddeford, to recognize parts of Maine’s heritage. LD 266, “An Act To Create the Maine Lighthouse Trust Registration Plate” and LD 267, “Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Erect and Maintain Markers To Commemorate and Recognize the Lafayette Trail,” received unanimous support from the Senate.

“Maine is known around the world as ‘The Lighthouse State,’ and has one of the largest concentrations of these historic beacons in the country,” said Sen. Deschambault. “As well as being visually appealing, the new Maine lighthouse license plate will be a traveling billboard helping to draw attention to our state’s historic lighthouses.”

The goal of LD 266 is to raise money for the Maine Lighthouse Trust so that lighthouses statewide can receive grants for maintenance and restoration. The Trust also helps spread education and awareness of these historical sentinels.

“Recognizing the Lafayette Trail in Maine is part of an effort all over the Eastern Seaboard to recognize the historical significance of the Marquis de Lafayette,” said Sen. Deschambault. “He helped secure French support for American independence and fought alongside Americans during the war.”

LD 267 honors General Lafayette and his tour in Maine after the American Revolution to meet with old friends and colleagues. From 1824 to 1825, Lafayette was summoned to return to the states from his home in France, because he was the only living general from the Revolution at the time.

The bills face further votes in the Maine House and Senate in a special session.