Millett disappointed in Committee vote against delivery driver safety bill

Posted: April 28, 2017 | Senator Millett
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Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-Cape Elizabeth, said Thursday that she was disappointment the Legislature’s Transportation Committee rejected her bill to allow food delivery vehicles to display lighted signs on their roofs of their vehicles.

The senator introduced the bill at the request of a constituent, whose daughter was pulled over for displaying such a sign as she made food deliveries for her family’s small business.

“It is just a common sense safety measure to have these types of lighted signs on food delivery vehicles,” said Sen. Millett. “These signs identify the driver as a delivery driver when they pull into a stranger’s driveway and knock on their door. I was surprised to learn these signs weren’t allowed, and I’m discouraged that the Transportation Committee voted to keep it that way.”

Taxis in Maine already operate with similar lighted signs. Many food delivery vehicles do as well. Those who do are likely also unaware this is not currently legal.

“I am disappointed that a majority of Committee members did not support LD 381,” said Sen. Millett. “It really is logical to allow these signs.”

LD 381, “An Act To Allow Delivery Vehicles To Display Lighted Advertising Signs,” now heads to the Senate for initial votes.