Miramant presents bill to help increase voter participation

Posted: February 10, 2019 | Senator Miramant, Veterans and Legal Affairs

AUGUSTA — Sen. Dave Miramant, D-Camden, introduced a bill that aims to increase voter participation in Maine. LD 272, “An Act to Allow Voting by Mail,” faced a public hearing Wednesday before the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee.

“For a democracy to be strong and fair, it must include a system in which the greatest number of voters are able to participate,” said Sen. Miramant. “Mobility can be a serious obstacle for many of Maine’s elderly voters; this bill would go a long way toward helping them more easily participate in the voting process. It also honors the reality that life is busy and voting could be easier.”

The bill would direct the committee to appoint a working group to craft legislation that would implement a vote-by-mail system in Maine, which would then go before Maine voters for approval. The bill directs that working group to particularly study the vote-by-mail system in Oregon, which has been in place for all elections since 1998.

The bill faces further action before the committee and a vote before the Maine House and Senate.