Posted: April 14, 2015 | Senator Dill, Transportation

AUGUSTA – A measure that would require snow and ice to be removed from vehicles driving more than 40 miles per hour on a public roadway received a public hearing today.

Sen. Jim Dill of Orono

Sen. Jim Dill of Orono

“Who hasn’t driven down the interstate and all of a sudden, a sheet of ice has blown off the vehicle in front of you. You flinch and wonder where it went. Well, hopefully it just crashed harmlessly on the road,” said Democratic State Senator Jim Dill of Orono, the sponsor of the measure. “Unfortunately, many times it crashes on your car or someone else’s.”


Under, LD 1133, “An Act To Require Snow and Ice To Be Removed from Vehicles before Operation,” a person in violation would be subject to a traffic infraction and a $250 fine for a first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses.


During his public testimony, Sen. Dill added, “In February, my son, while driving my 5-month-old granddaughter to daycare,  had it happen to him and it shattered his windshield. Luckily, no one was injured and the driver of the vehicle from which the ice came stopped and gave him his insurance information.”


The Transportation Committee will schedule a work session on the measure in the coming weeks.