Sanborn bill to ensure Mainers can continue accessing telehealth services signed into law

Posted: June 23, 2021 | Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services, Senator Heather Sanborn

AUGUSTA — On Monday, June 21, a bill from Sen. Heather Sanborn, D-Portland, was signed into law by Gov. Janet Mills. LD 791, “An Act Regarding Telehealth Regulations,” would ensure that Maine residents can continue receiving telehealth services. 

“The pandemic has underscored the importance and value telehealth can play in connecting Mainers with health care professionals,” said Sen. Sanborn. “No matter what part of the state you live in, if you have access to internet or a phone, you can now access quality care right from your home. This law will make it clear that telehealth is a proper form of health care delivery, and ensure that Mainers can continue accessing these critical services.” 

LD 791 ensures that Maine health care providers can continue to provide telehealth services to their patients by adding in explicit authorizing language to each of the health care licensing board statutes. The law will allow the boards to set rules and best practices for telehealth services for each health care profession. Additionally, the law requires insurance carriers to cover all telehealth services when they are provided in accordance with those professional rules, and ensures that medications can continue to be prescribed via telehealth appointments as they have been during the pandemic. 

As an emergency measure, the law took effect immediately after being signed by Gov. Mills.