Sen. Bailey bill to protect domestic violence survivors from housing and employment discrimination becomes law

Posted: July 16, 2021 | Senator Bailey

AUGUSTA – On Thursday, July 15, a bill from Sen. Donna Bailey, D-Saco, that protects domestic violence victims from housing and employment discrimination became law without the governor’s signature. LD 1294, “An Act To Prevent Discrimination against Domestic Violence Victims,” was introduced because domestic violence survivors are too often left more vulnerable if they lose their employment or housing when they seek protection from their abusers.

“I am pleased that domestic violence survivors will now have additional legal protection,” said Sen. Bailey. “Domestic violence survivors who take the brave step of seeking an order of protection for themselves should not also have to face potential repercussions at work or where they live for seeking the assistance of the law.”

LD 1294 amends the Maine Human Rights Act and provide protections against discrimination in employment and housing against a person who has sought and received an order of protection

“Employment and housing discrimination complicate domestic violence survivors’ attempts to obtain or maintain financial independence, which is often critical to their ability to successfully separate from the person abusing them,” said Andrea Mancuso of the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence in response to the news that the bill became law. “LD 1294 will increase protections in both of these areas and provide timelier and more effective relief for survivors when it does happen.”

LD 1294 goes into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns sine die.