Sen. Carpenter introduces bill to ban liquid nicotine containers

Posted: February 21, 2019 | Health and Human Services, Senator Carpenter

AUGUSTA – Sen. Mike Carpenter, D-Houlton, presented his bill LD 551, “An Act To Ban Nicotine Liquid Containers,” at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19 to the Health and Human Services Committee at the State House.

Liquid nicotine containers have experienced a boom in Maine over the past few years, and Sen. Carpenter and other anti-nicotine liquid advocates want to make a strong stance against these products, especially because of their popularity with minors. LD 551 would ban the selling or use of nicotine liquid containers by 2020.

As a former smoker who has been nicotine-free for 20 years, Sen. Carpenter is adamant about not expanding the options of nicotine usage, and preventing teens from getting hooked on this addictive substance.

“I know how horrible my addiction was to nicotine, and I do not wish that on any person or family,” Sen. Carpenter said. “This is a product that when you use it exactly how you are directed to use it, it will cause you harm. Maine should take a stand against this noxious substance.”

Sen. Carpenter also offered a form of compromise with liquid nicotine supporters, to establish an excise tax on these containers or the product itself and use that money to support Maine’s public health industry.

The bill faces further action in the committee and votes before the Maine House and Senate.