Sen. Chenette pushes to ban robocalls

Posted: February 10, 2019 | Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business, Senator Chenette

AUGUSTA — Sen. Justin Chenette has introduced consumer protection legislation to prevent Mainers from being inundated with spam calls.

LD 277, “An Act To Ban Telephone Solicitations Using an Artificial or Prerecorded Voice and Enhance Caller Identification,” seeks to prevent out of state telemarketers from disguising their phone numbers as local 207 numbers. The bill would also ban robocalls, including political robocalls.

“So many people I know get at least a half a dozen phone calls a day that are from out of state scammers or automated telemarketers,” said Sen. Chenette. “Clearly the National Do Not Call List isn’t working, and states now must act to protect consumers.”

Other states such as Tennessee have pending legislation to fine telemarketers for spamming consumers, and Montana has a ban on political robocalls.

The public hearing for LD 277 is set for 1 p.m. Tuesday, Feb.12, Room 202 in the Cross Building at the State House.