Sen. Chenette’s PAC reform bill receives unanimous Senate approval

Posted: March 13, 2019 | Senator Chenette, Veterans and Legal Affairs

AUGUSTA —On Tuesday, the Maine State Senate voted unanimously to support Sen. Justin Chenette’s, D-Saco, bill LD 256, “An Act To Ban the Use of Leadership Political Action Committees for Personal Profit.”


This bill would prevent legislators and candidates from using political contributions to their political action committee (PAC) as a loan to their private business. It also would bar individuals from commingling personal and PAC funds to avoid possible misuse.

“No legislator or candidate should be profiting off political contributions,” said Sen. Chenette. “Mainers deserve a political system that benefits the public good rather than coating the lines of insiders’ pockets.”

LD 256 now faces a vote in the House. If the House passes this bill, it awaits approval from Gov. Janet Mills before it can be enacted into law.

This bill is also a part of larger campaign finance reform package from Sen. Chenette. LD 76, “An Act To Strengthen the Integrity of the Legislature by Extending the Waiting Period before Legislators May Engage in Any Amount of Compensated Lobbying,” and LD 54, “An Act To Limit the Influence of Lobbyists by Expanding the Prohibition on Accepting Political Contributions,” have received support in committee and are expected to come to the Senate floor for a vote.

Sen. Chenette is a member of the Senate Ethics Committee.