Sen. Chipman bill to change local campaign financing endorsed by Senate

Posted: April 01, 2019 | Senator Chipman

AUGUSTA — Sen. Ben Chipman’s, D-Portland, bill, LD 780 “An Act to Change Municipal Campaign Contribution Limits” was endorsed by the Senate on Thursday.


“In the time I have lived in Portland, I have seen campaign expenditures sky-rocket. I have seen upwards of $100,000 spent on local races, which is more than anyone should be spending,” said Sen. Chipman. “I thank my colleagues for supporting this bill which will help us get back to the true nature of campaigning in local door-to-door grassroots efforts, not with big money.”


In 2011, the prior administration made a change that doubled the amount allowable for contributions to candidates for municipal office. This bill corrects the 2011 change, reducing the maximum allowable contribution from $850 to $500.


LD 780 faces further votes in the Maine House and Senate before it is sent to Gov. Janet Mills for signature.