Sen. Chipman introduces bill to ensure equal access to public buses for people with visual impairments

Posted: October 23, 2017 | Senator Chipman

Sen. Ben Chipman has introduced legislation to require public transportation buses to have audio announcements of upcoming stops by 2019.

“Public transportation should be accessible to all members of the public, not just those people who can read the signage for upcoming stops,” said Sen. Chipman. “People with visual impairments already have enough obstacles to overcome every day. Safely and efficiently using public transportation shouldn’t be one of them.”

As the lead Senate Democrat on the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee, Sen. Chipman was invited to speak at the Iris Network/National Federation of the Blind of Maine’s state convention this fall. While there, he was approached about introducing this legislation.

“My constituents in Portland expect me to have their backs, and that includes making sure they have equal access to our municipal buses,” said Sen. Chipman. “This bill will give blind and visually impaired Mainers the dignity and independence that comes with the ability to travel easily on public transportation.”