Sen. Chipman introduces bill to improve energy and efficiency building codes

Posted: April 29, 2019 | Senator Chipman

AUGUSTA — Sen. Ben Chipman, D-Portland, introduced a bill, LD 1543 “An Act To Amend the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code” on Friday to the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.


“Updating the building codes to allow municipalities to choose more efficient energy standards is simply the right thing to do as we consider energy options for the future,” said Sen. Chipman.


The current Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code was not written with today’s environmental concerns in mind. LD 1543 would update the code to allow local municipalities to implement stronger energy and efficiency standards to promote sustainability.


Many testified in support of the bill, including the City of South Portland Sustainability Director, the American Institute of Architects Maine Chapter, home builders associations, engineers and fire marshals.


“Maine’s buildings use a lot of energy, and they use it really inefficiently,” said Julie Rosenbach, City of South Portland Sustainability Director. “This puts a burden on Maine’s people and environment.”


The bill faces additional action in the committee and votes before the Maine Senate and House.