Sen. Chipman sworn into the Maine State Senate

Posted: December 06, 2018 | Senator Chipman

Sen. Ben Chipman of Portland was sworn into the Maine Senate at the State House in Augusta yesterday. Sen. Chipman was elected to his second term in the State Senate in November.

“My colleagues and I are ready to get to work for the people of Portland, and all of Maine,” said Sen. Chipman. “The number one thing I hear from constituents is fear around health care, both costs and availability, and I know my colleagues from up and down the state would say the same, so I think we have both a mandate and the political will to take action on that.”

Chief Justice Leigh Saufley administered the oath of office to Sen. Chipman and 32 of his Senate colleagues, all of whom have been elected to serve two-year terms. Sen. Chipman represents Senate District 27, which includes several neighborhoods in Portland (the Peninsula, Oakdale, USM, Back Cove, and East Deering), as well as Peaks, Cliff and Great Diamond Islands.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Sen. Chipman served for six years in the Maine House of Representatives. He is a lifelong Mainer currently residing in East Bayside. He is a small business owner.

“We need to implement Medicaid Expansion right away – that’s what Maine voters asked of us over a year ago,” said Sen. Chipman. “But we can’t stop working on this issue more broadly until everyone is able to have a health care coverage, until we address the lack of accessibility to mental health services, and until we increase the availability of substance use disorder treatment.”

Of the 35 senators, there are 21 Democrats and 14 Republicans. Twelve are women and 23 are men. There are 13 new members: 11 have recently served in the House of Representatives, two have no previous legislative experience. 22 are incumbents.

The Legislature will reconvene at the start of the new year.