Sen. Claxton appointed to task force to review cases of violence against health care workers

Posted: June 16, 2022 | Senator Claxton

AUGUSTA – Sen. Ned Claxton, D-Auburn, was recently appointed by Senate President Troy Jackson to serve on the Task Force to Study the Process for Bringing Criminal Cases in Situations of Violence Against Health Care Workers.

“Violence against health care workers should never be tolerated, but the reality is that it’s an all-too-common feature of the job,” said Sen. Claxton. “We need to look for better ways to prevent such attacks and sort out how best to respond to them. The local district attorney is responsible for pressing charges against the assailant. However, we need clarity on steps the employer could or should take in responding to these events. How can we best keep the victim of an assault up to date on any criminal charges? How can we best deal with the attacker and their circumstances? This task force will help us answer these important questions, and I’m proud to do my part in serving.”

The new task force, established with the passage of LD 629, will be responsible for reviewing the process by which criminal cases may be brought related to incidents of violence in health care facilities, particularly in situations involving patients and health care employees.

The task force will issue a report back to the Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety by November 2022, including suggestions for any new legislation. The committee is authorized to report out legislation related to these findings in the 131st Legislature.