Sen. Dion: Trump’s order a ‘direct assault’ on Constitution

Posted: January 29, 2017 | Senator Dion

AUGUSTA — Sen. Mark Dion, D-Portland, released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending entry of all refugees to the United States as well as all visitors, refugee or otherwise, from seven majority-Muslim nations.

“What distinguishes the institution of justice in the United States is our collective commitment to the principle of ‘equal protection of the law,’” said Sen. Dion, himself an attorney. “The president’s unilateral exclusion of individuals, in possession of duly authorized State Department visas, from lawful entry into the United States — for no other reason than their national origin or religion — is a direct assault on that constitutional protection and cannot be tolerated.”

“It is incumbent on the president that his decisions involving federal immigration policy be grounded in fact, not fear,” Sen. Dion said. “They should be focused on protecting immigrants and their families, recognizing their invaluable contribution to the advancement of American society.”

The ban was instituted over the weekend, and suspended entry of all refugees to the United States for four months. It indefinitely banned Syrian refugees fleeing the violence of civil war in that country, and barred all citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering the United States for three months. President Trump has indicated that he will favor Christians and other religions over Muslims in the immigration vetting process.