Sen. Hill to serve on Judiciary Committee

Posted: January 03, 2017 | Judiciary, Senator Hill

AUGUSTA — Sen. Dawn Hill, D-York, has been appointed by the Senate President to the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary, making her the Senate Democrats’ leading voice on civil rights and other issues of justice in the state of Maine.

“The law exists to protect the rights of citizens, and to ensure no one has to protect those rights by their own actions,” said Sen. Hill, herself a licensed attorney. “The states are the laboratories of democracy; That’s why we’re seeing ‘tests’ around the country of proposals and initiatives that could limit those rights. There will likely be bills proposed this session that could have consequences — intended or unintended — on the legal protections we hold dear, whether it’s our landmark anti-discrimination law or the reproductive rights of Maine women. It’s an honor to be appointed to this committee, and I will work diligently with my colleagues ensure the rights of all Maine people remain sacrosanct.”

The committee has jurisdiction over the Office of the Attorney General, District Attorneys, the Maine Human Rights Commission and issues and laws relating to Maine’s Indian Tribes, including the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act.

It also has general oversight of the judicial system organization and budget; criminal and civil procedure; civil actions including torts and medical malpractice; liability; immunity; child protection; family law; child support; adoption; abortion and reproductive rights; civil rights; medical rights; human rights; guardianship and conservatorship; probate law; property law; property rights; business and nonprofit organizations.