Sen. Lawrence sponsors bill to promote solar energy usage in Maine

Posted: April 24, 2019 | Senator Lawrence, Taxation

AUGUSTA – On Wednesday, Sen. Mark Lawrence, D-Eliot, introduced a bill to incentivize the installation of solar energy equipment through a property tax exemption. The bill, LD 1191, “An Act To Exempt Solar Energy Equipment from Property Tax,” received a public hearing before the Legislature’s Taxation Committee.

“We need to prioritize protecting the environment in Maine, if we want to enjoy the lovely beaches, lakes, mountains and forests we have here, for generations to come,” said Sen. Lawrence. “Solar energy equipment not only benefits the environment, but is also cost-effective for consumers. By taking this step to give property tax exemptions for homeowners who use solar energy, it provides a cost-effective way to increase sustainable energy options.”

This bill would help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and protect Maine’s environment by promoting residential solar energy usage, while also providing an economic incentive to do so through property tax exemptions.

LD 1191 faces further action in the Taxation Committee as well votes in the Maine Senate and House.