Sen. Libby appointed chair of Government Oversight Committee

Posted: December 14, 2020 | Senator Libby

Senate Majority Leader Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, has been appointed to serve as Senate chair of the Government Oversight Committee for the 130th Maine Legislature. The Government Oversight Committee is the Legislature’s watchdog committee charged with oversight of independent, objective reviews of State spending, programs and activities.

“The Government Oversight Committee is an essential component in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of state government,” said Sen. Libby. “Mainers should be able to trust that their government is working well and working for them, and that their tax dollars are being spent productively. The Government Oversight Committee will verify that and help correct course when necessary.”

The Government Oversight Committee (GOC) oversees the Legislature’s Office of Program Evaluation of Government Accountability, or OPEGA. Put simply, OPEGA reviews state government activity to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately and the executive branch is operating under the law. It conducts objective, independent performance audits of state government programs and activities to ensure they are achieving intended results and are efficient, effective and economical. GOC and OPEGA also have jurisdiction over non-state entities that receive state funds or are established to perform government functions, such as the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority.

Sen. Libby is beginning his third term on the Government Oversight Committee and his first as chair. He previously served as the Ranking Member on both the Taxation Committee and the State and Local Government Committee.

Lawmakers are assigned to committees by the presiding officers based on their interests, experience and professional background. The Legislature will reconvene in the new year.