Sen. Libby appointed to Task Force on Maine’s Economy and Workforce

Posted: April 10, 2017 | Senator Libby

Sen. Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, has been appointed to the Legislature’s special Task Force on Maine’s 21st Century Economy and Workforce.

The task force, which is the result of legislation sponsored by Sen. Libby, is charged with addressing one of the biggest challenges holding back Maine’s economy: inadequacies in the state workforce.

The appointment was made by the President of the Senate, making Sen. Libby one of four senators to be named to the task force. In addition to the four senators, four representatives and four members of the public who are experts in the fields of education and business have been appointed to serve.

“Maine needs an economy that’s strong and a workforce that’s skilled and fully engaged in order to truly thrive,” said Sen. Libby. “There are two major challenges before us, however. The first is that Maine’s population of working-age people is shrinking dramatically while the population of retirees or those soon to retire continues to grow. The second is that while Mainers are hardworking and eager to pull their own weight, many face barriers to full participation in the economy — barriers such as a lack of education or specific skillsets necessary for available jobs. I’m eager to get to work tackling these issues.”

The task force will review ways to strengthen the state’s economy, improve business climate, and make strategic investments in Maine’s workforce. They will submit an initial report, including suggested legislation, prior to the adjournment of the first session of this Legislature and will submit a final report with its’ findings and recommendations by March of 2018.