Sen. Linda Sanborn testifies in support of Patients First health care reform package

Posted: February 25, 2020 | Senator Linda Sanborn

AUGUSTA — Sen. Linda Sanborn, D-Gorham, testified on Tuesday in favor of LD 2111, “An Act To Establish Patient Protections in Billing for Health Care,”  which seeks to protect patients from abusive billing practices. LD 2111 is part of the Patients First health care reform package, a suite of legislation that takes aim at our complicated health care system and its abusive billing practices. All four bills in the Patients First package received public hearings Tuesday before the Legislature’s Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee.

“Patients increasingly feel like their needs come second to the bottom line of large companies,” said Sen. Sanborn, a retired family physician. “They are billed for things they don’t understand, and are forced to navigate an increasingly complex and dysfunctional health care system to receive the treatment they need. It should therefore come as no surprise that we have seen a decrease in public trust in the institution of medicine in recent decades. To fix this problem, we need to build a health care system that prioritizes the needs of patients, and LD 2111 is a critical step in that process.”

The four bills in the Patients First health care reform package are:

  • LD 2110, “An Act to Lower Health Care Costs” (Pres. Jackson): The bill will allow Maine to take control of growing health care costs in a complicated health care system by creating the Maine Commission on Affordable Health Care. The Commission will hold all the players in the health care system accountable and establish a process for effective, data-driven reforms. Massachusetts’ commission saved patients and businesses $7.2 billion over five years.

Last year, Maine Senate Democrats introduced a suite of bills that worked to reduce the cost of prescription medication for Mainers. The Patients First package continues and expands on this important work.

The four bills in the Patients First package will face further committee work before going to the Maine Senate and House for votes.