Sen. Millett earns high marks for pro-environment voting record

Posted: September 27, 2019 | Senator Millett, Uncategorized

AUGUSTA — Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-Cape Elizabeth, earned a perfect score from the Maine Conservation Voters for her votes to preserve Maine’s rich natural resources, invest in clean, renewable energy and protect the public from harmful chemicals.

“Combatting climate change and protecting our natural resources is at the top of my agenda,” said Sen. Millett. “I want all future generations to be able to enjoy Maine’s natural resources, beauty and way of life, and I intend to continue doing all that I can to ensure that happens.”

Sen. Millett has long been a supporter of efforts to protect Maine’s natural resources and curb climate change. This past session, she introduced and passed a law that will require municipalities to be informed when the Department of Environmental Protection issues or receives a notice of violation of air quality standards. This new law not only helps Mainers be aware of potential changes in air quality, but also increases transparency in the department.

The Maine Conservation Voters scored six key initiatives debated by the legislature this year, including the Land for Maine’s Future Bond, which was the only proposal on the score card that didn’t pass. All 21 Senate Democrats received perfect scores for their environmental record.

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