Sen. Millett sworn into the Maine State Senate

Posted: December 06, 2018 | Senator Millett

Sen. Rebecca Millett of Cape Elizabeth was sworn into the Maine Senate at the State House in Augusta today. Sen. Millett was elected to her fourth term in the State Senate in November.

“Serving in the State Senate these past six years has been an honor and a privilege,” said Sen. Millett. “I am excited to get back to work for the people of our district, and all of Maine, alongside the many other smart, dedicated people who were also just elected. I know we can show that when elected officials come together to advocate for what our constituents want – rather than just spoiling for a fight – government can work, and work well.”

Chief Justice Leigh Saufley administered the oath of office to Sen. Millett and 32 of her Senate colleagues, all of whom have been elected to serve two-year terms. Sen. Millett represents Senate District 29, which is made up of the communities of South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, and part of Scarborough.

Prior to serving in the Senate, Sen. Millett served on the Cape Elizabeth School Board from 2004 to 2010, and co-founded a citizens’ advocacy group to support advancements in local education. She lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband, Kevin, and their family. As she is serving her fourth consecutive term in the State Senate, Sen. Millett will be prevented from running for the State Senate again in 2020 due to term limits.

“What I hear from my constituents is that they want a fair chance to get ahead in life,” said Sen. Millett. “Whether that’s a strong education for their children, freedom from worry that an unexpected medical bill will derail their life’s plan, or the financial ability to stay in their homes as they age, that’s what I’ll be working towards over the next two years.”

Of the 35 senators, there are 21 Democrats and 14 Republicans. Twelve are women and 23 are men. There are 13 new members: 11 have recently served in the House of Representatives, two have no previous legislative experience. 22 are incumbents.

The Legislature will reconvene at the start of the new year.