Sen. Rafferty bill to increase communication between school boards and educators becomes law

Posted: July 14, 2021 | Senator Rafferty

AUGUSTA – Recently, a bill from Sen. Joe Rafferty, D-Kennebunk, became law. LD 816, “An Act To Improve Communication between School Boards and Educators by Requiring Notice of Discussion of Labor Matters,” would increase communication between school boards and educators.

“I was a teacher for quite some time, and I experienced all sorts of approaches and communication styles from different superintendents over the years,” said Sen. Rafferty, who was a longtime educator at Kennebunk High School. “It was my experience that increased communication always led to the best outcomes for our students, and that should be our priority in this regard. This law increases accountability between school board members and the communities they serve, and ensures that all parties involved have a voice in the decision making process.”

LD 816 requires public notices be given at least 10 days in advance of meetings between a school board and representatives of public employees. Additionally, such meetings must occur at regularly scheduled school board meetings.

The law goes into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns sine die.