Sen. Vitelli earns high marks for pro-worker voting record

Posted: November 04, 2019 | Senator Vitelli

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli, D-Arroswic, earned perfect scores from the Maine State Employees Association and the Maine AFL-CIO for her votes to support working families and strengthen workers’ rights.

“When we support Maine workers, we’re also supporting our state’s businesses, families and future,” said Sen. Vitelli. “I’m proud of the progress we made on strengthening worker protections and commonsense benefits, and I know we’ll continue those efforts in the coming year.”

Sen. Vitelli has a long history of supporting Maine workers. As a member of the Senate Democratic leadership, she helped shepherd many bills through the legislative process, including the first-in-the-nation statewide earned paid time off policy, which provides working Mainers with some breathing room if and when the unexpected happens, while also protecting small businesses, by allowing workers to accrue one hour of paid time off per 40 hours worked, for up to one week off per year, and a law to prevent employers from asking prospective hires about their prior salary, to ensure even one act of pay discrimination at the beginning of someone’s career won’t hurt them for decades to follow.

Maine AFL-CIO based their scorecard in 12 bills, including the Maine Green New Deal and legislation to give workers stronger legal remedies when they’re subject to wage theft. The Maine AFL-CIO represents more than 160 local labor unions and 40,000 working people in the state. For more information about the votes scored by AFL-CIO, visit

MSEA scored votes on five bills, including the state’s biennial budget. MSEA represents 13,000 public workers. For more information about the votes scored by MSEA, visit