Posted: April 17, 2014 | Front Page, Senator Alfond, Senator Haskell, Senator Jackson

Focusing on 21st century jobs and industries


AUGUSTA – Today, the Senate enacted six bond bills totaling $50 million to create jobs and invest in Maine’s small businesses and economy.

“Investments like these help boost Maine’s competitive advantage,” said Senate President Justin Alfond of Portland. “We have an opportunity to invest in our state’s entrepreneurs and small business owners to spur job growth. These bonds will strengthen an economy that’s lagging behind the rest of our New England neighbors. Investments in small business are another win for the people and businesses in our state.”

The package includes $10 million for drinking water and $7 million to strengthen Maine’s marine economy.

“Our marine industries are part of what makes Maine great and we should be doing more to support them,” said Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, the sponsor of the marine economy bond, which will invest in seafood processing facilities in Downeast Maine. “I’m tired of seeing our resources leave the state for processing in Canada. Maine businesses and workers deserve to have a level playing field right here at home.”

The small business bond recommended by the Workforce Committee provides $12 million to help small businesses and create jobs. The Legislature also approved a $3 million bond sponsored by Senator Cain to invest in Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, a $10 million bond for a biometric research facility to advance precision medical technology in Maine, and an $8 million bond for a lab at the University of Maine to strengthen Maine’s agriculture and forestry industries.

“We are investing in programs with proven track records for success,” said Assistant Senate Majority Leader Anne Haskell of Portland. “We know these dollars will go directly to Maine programs that grow ideas and businesses.”

The bond measures will now be sent to Governor LePage for his signature and will then appear on the November ballot for voter approval.