Senate unanimously approves Libby’s anti-harassment training rule

Posted: February 01, 2018 | Front Page, Senator Libby

AUGUSTA–Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Nate Libby’s proposal to strengthen harassment prevention training at the State House received a unanimous, bipartisan vote in the Senate on Thursday. The new rule mandates annual in-person harassment prevention training for all lawmakers. At this point, all four of the major caucuses have received this training.

“We have to work diligently to ensure the State House is a safe place for everyone,” said Sen. Libby of Lewiston. “Recent events nationwide have highlighted the prevalence of harassment, of all kinds, in the workplace. This is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it in the State House. This rule change is about doing right by the people who work so hard to help us run this state.”

Before the rule change, harassment prevention training occured at the beginning of each two-year term and was effectively optional. Lawmakers were able miss the training by signing a document summarizing the Legislature’s harassment policy.

Sen. Libby began working on his rule amendment in October 2017. The rule change has received unanimous support from the Select Committee on Joint Rules, which sets the rules that govern the legislature, and the personnel committee of the Legislative Council.

The rule change now moves to the House floor for a final vote.