Senate unanimously passes Claxton bill to convene task force on long-term acute care

Posted: June 04, 2019 | Senator Claxton

AUGUSTA — A bill sponsored by Sen. Ned Claxton, D-Auburn, LD 439 “Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Health and Human Services To Convene a Task Force To Study the Need for Long-term Acute Care Hospital,” was passed unanimously by the Maine Senate on Monday. The bill aims to ensure patient’s needs will be met adequately in the future.


“I’m thankful that the Senate has voted to enact this important piece of legislation,” said Sen. Claxton. “Far too often patients end up staying in typical acute-care hospitals for long periods of time where their needs cannot be adequately met. Allowing a task force to study this issue will give us the information we need in order to proceed with determining the need for these long-term acute care beds in Maine.”


If signed by the Gov. Janet Mills, the bill would convene a task force to study the need for long-term acute care beds in Maine. Facilities providing this kind of care work to provide intensive support to patients who need help recovering from multiple significant medical and surgical problems.


LD 439 now heads to the governor’s desk for approval. The governor has 10 days to either sign the bill, veto it or allow it to become law without her signature.