Senator Chipman bill reduces campaign signs in public right-of-way

Posted: March 06, 2019 | Senator Chipman

AUGUSTA — Legislation from Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland, LD 689, “An Act Regarding Temporary Signs Related to an Event That Are Placed in the Public Right-of-way” will receive a public hearing before the Legislature’s Transportation Committee at 1 p.m. Thursday. The bill would reduce the time signs can be in the public right-of-way to 6 weeks before the event.


“The use of temporary signs, especially campaign signs, has become an eye-sore. They are distracting to drivers, annoying for public works and personal residents to dispose of, and a waste of time and resources,” said Senator Chipman.


LD 689 attempts to correct some of the 2017 amendment, which allows signs to be placed in the public right-of-way for up to 12 weeks per year.


The bill faces more action in the committee and votes before the full Maine House and Senate.