Senator Chipman earns high marks for pro-worker voting record

Posted: September 23, 2021 | Senator Chipman

AUGUSTA — Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland, earned a perfect score from the Maine State Employees Association (MSEA) for his votes to support state workers this session.

“I will always stand up for our Maine state workers,” said Senator Chipman. “At a time when lots of people are struggling, our hard-working state employees deserve a Legislature that will fight alongside them. Unions provide for quality, safe, and fair working environments for Maine people, and our state employees union is no different. I’m humbled to receive this perfect score from MSEA.”

Senator Chipman has a history of supporting Maine workers. Senator Chipman sponsored a bill to create a property tax exemption for central labor councils, supported a resolution to end the state employee pay gap, and supported a bill to improve binding arbitration which would incentivize employers and workers to keep their end of the bargain.

Senator Chipman also serves as the chair of the Taxation committee, which backed the expansion of the earned income tax credit for roughly 100,000 households of hard-working Maine families including our state employees. This will make it easier for families to afford rent and make ends meet.

MSEA scored votes on six bills, including the Back to Basics Budget and the bipartisan biennial state budget. MSEA represents 13,000 public workers. For more information about the votes scored by MSEA, visit