Senator Chipman’s bill to support Central Labor Councils receives Senate approval

Posted: April 01, 2021 | Senator Chipman

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, the Senate voted in favor of a bill sponsored by Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland. LD 198, “An Act To Improve Maine’s Tax Laws by Providing a Property Tax Exemption for Central Labor Councils,” was approved by the Senate in an initial vote of 23-11, with all Senate Democrats voting in favor of the bill.

“I am proud of my colleagues in the Senate who see the importance of supporting our Central Labor Councils,” said Chipman. “Labor Councils are important civic-minded institutions in their communities, and they deserve a property tax exemption just as much as organizations like the Chambers of Commerce, fraternal organizations and boards of trade. I believe that if organizations advocating for the business community can benefit from a property tax exemption, then a labor council formed by workers deserves that benefit as well.”

This bill proposes to amend Maine’s tax laws by extending tax exempt status to the real estate and personal property owned and occupied by central labor councils. The bill was supported in committee by the Maine AFL-CIO, MSEA-SEIU LOCAL 1989 and the Eastern Maine Labor Council.

LD 198 faces further votes in the House and Senate.