Senator Gerzofsky Highlights Scheduled Transportation and Road Projects for the Brunswick Region

Posted: April 26, 2011 | News Items, Senator Gerzofsky, Transportation

The Maine Department of Transportation Biennial Capital Work Plan has nearly $11.5 for Brunswick Executive Airport

AUGUSTA – Senator Stan Gerzofsky is pleased to announce the release of the state’s transportation work plan for the next two years. The Biennial Capital Work Plan for 2012-2013 outlines the Maine Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) strategy for road, bridge, and other transportation projects.

“Every spring the people of Maine are reminded about the need to repair many of our roads,” said Senator Gerzofsky. “This report highlights the projects slated for rehabilitation.”

According to the MDOT, the biennial work plan invests $688.7 million in highways and bridges and $75.9 million in capital multimodal projects including aviation, industrial rail access, small harbors, transit, and pedestrian facilities. Over 80% of the capital funding supports private sector jobs in the form of construction contracts, consultant services, private equipment rental and construction materials.  It will create, sustain, and support over 21,000 jobs based on federal estimates.

Senator Gerzofsky pointed out the specific projects and how they will benefit the Brunswick region and create jobs at the Brunswick Executive Airport.

“It’s all about creating jobs,” said Gerzofsky. “This is another important step in the successful redevelopment efforts at Brunswick Landing.”

The Brunswick Executive Airport is scheduled to receive nearly $11.5 million of work under the MDOT plan, including:

  • rehabilitation of failed facility utilities;
  • demolition of hangar one foundation;
  • storm water drainage improvements;
  • utility improvements;
  • renovation of airport buildings;
  • purchase of approach easements;
  • air terminal renovations;
  • installation of a new snow removal equipment building with heated sand storage;
  • construction of box hangar;
  • installation of airport signage;
  • planning study of airport energy usage and airfield lighting;
  • renovation of hangar four; upgrade facilities to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  • installation of perimeter fencing;
  • demolition of the old fuel farm; and
  • demolition of buildings 9 and 292. 

Additional transportation infrastructure projects in Brunswick include pedestrian activated safety flashers near the pedestrian bridge on Route 1; intersection improvements at Route 1, Durham Road, and Hillside Road; intersection improvement at Route 1 and Pleasant Street; traffic signals at the intersection of Route 1, Pleasant Street, Church Street and Maine Street; and highway resurfacing at the on and off ramps of Route 196 and Route 1.

View the entire MDOT work plan online at: