Senator Hill Achieves 100% on 2011 Environmental Scorecard

Posted: September 15, 2011 | Environment and Natural Resources, News Items, Senator Hill
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The Maine Conservation Voters annually ranks legislators based on votes of importance to Maine’s environment

AUGUSTA – Senator Dawn Hill (D-York County) is pleased to have received a perfect score on the Maine Conversation Voters (MCV) 2011 Environmental Scorecard.

“It is important that we continue to protect Maine’s environment and quality of life,” said Hill. “And I think you will find the people and businesses in this area would agree as well.”

The scorecard is touted by MCV as a resource to learn how elected officials vote on environmental issues. Every year, Maine legislators are graded on their voting record. For the 2011 Legislative Session, scores were based on votes regarding energy efficiency, clean water, children’s health, wildlife, and the North Woods. They included the following bills:

  • LD 412 to ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in food and beverage containers, like baby bottles and sippy cups;
  • LD 228 to remove the state’s pesticide spraying notification law;
  • LD 1416 to weaken the statewide uniform building and energy efficiency code;
  • LD 1534 to create a study committee to eliminate the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC), the state agency charged with conserving Maine’s vast North Woods; and
  • LD 159 to weaken protections for vernal pools, which provide homes for a variety of wildlife.

Senator Hill voted against the identified bills, except for a vote in support of LD 412.

“I am proud of my voting record for protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for Maine people. These kinds of achievements are reasons why we are able to showcase Maine as ‘The Way Life Should Be’,” added Hill.

Maine Conservation Voters is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization committed to electing pro-environment candidates to office, passing laws that protect Maine’s environmental legacy and holding our elected officials accountable. 17 members from around the state serve on the organization’s board.