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Senate District 13
Chloe Maxmin

Sen. Chloe Maxmin grew up on her family’s farm in Nobleboro and has been a community organizer for more than sixteen years. She has worked on numerous political campaigns and initiatives, focusing on combating climate change and ensuring a resilient Maine.

She is a graduate of Lincoln Academy, where she started the Climate Action Club. She attended Harvard College and co-founded Divest Harvard, a campaign calling on Harvard University to divest from fossil fuels that ultimately drew 70,000 supporters. Her work has been recognized by the Maine Women’s Fund, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Real Time with Bill Maher, CNN, MPBN and more.

As House Representative and now Senator, her work is focused on effective, bipartisan, community-based leadership to fight for a strong Maine, where broadband, education, healthcare, transportation, farms, fisheries, small businesses, and our natural resources sustain us in the future and honor the past. She encourages all of her constituents to call or email her anytime.

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