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Senate District 5
Jim Dill


Thousands of young Mainers have met Senator Jim Dill at Bug Maine-ia, an annual event where Maine students can get up close and personal with insects and learn about their impact on public health, forestry and agriculture.

The Latest

Senate Democrats unanimously support bill to provide tax relief to Maine service members

AUGUSTA — Senate Democrats on Thursday unanimously voted to support a bill to provide tax relief for Maine service members. LD 72, “An Act To Provide an Income Tax Exemption for Military Pay without Regard to Where the Military Service Was Performed,” sponsored by Sen. Jim Dill, D-Old Town,...

Dill introduces bill to help restore health of Penobscot River

AUGUSTA — Sen. Jim Dill, D-Old Town, has introduced a bill that would help restore the Penobscot River. LD 817, “An Act To Advance the Restoration of the Penobscot River,” received a public hearing before the Legislature’s Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources on Thursday,...

Senator Jim Dill is serving his second term in the Maine Senate, representing part of Penobscot County. 

A Maine native, Senator Dill lives in Old Town and works for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension as the Pest Management Specialist and Cooperating Professor in the School of Biological Sciences. 

Senator Dill served two terms in the House of Representatives from 2010 through 2014 — serving as House Chair of the Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry committee in the 126th Legislature.

Board Positions

Senator Jim Dill has served on the Old Town/RSU 34 school board for the past 18 years, and as its chairman for the past 17 years. He also has served on the board of the United Technologies Center, a vocational high school in Bangor, for the past 18 years, and as its chairman for the past four years. Senator Dill is also a member of the Orono-Old Town Kiwanis.


Senator Dill is a graduate of the University of Maine and holds a Ph.D. in entomology from Purdue University.

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