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Senate District 2
Mike Carpenter


Sen. Carpenter graduated from a one-room primary school, one of just two students in his class.

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RADIO ADDRESS: Mainers living paycheck to paycheck ought to know that we have their back

Mainers work hard to heat their homes, put food on the table and make ends meet. The last thing we want to worry about is being taken advantage of by big banks through unfair practices. Hi, this is Senator Mike Carpenter of Houlton. Thanks for tuning in. In Augusta, we are working every...

Legislative Council unanimously accepts bill extending indecent conduct charges to digital photographs

AUGUSTA β€” The Legislative Council on Thursday approved an after-deadline request by Sen. Mike Carpenter, D-Houlton, to submit LR 2797, β€œAn Act To Amend the Laws Governing Indecent Conduct To Include Distribution of Photographic Images.” Legislative Council is a committee of ten made up of...

Sen. Mike Carpenter is serving in his sixth term in the Maine Senate, representing Senate District 2, which consists of central and southern Aroostook County and part of Penobscot County.

A Vietnam veteran and practicing attorney, Sen. Carpenter’s extensive background in public service includes 12 years in the Maine Legislature and four years as Maine’s Attorney General.

Sen. Carpenter has returned to the State House with a focus on restoring ethics and accountability in state government, and is committed to providing a strong voice for Northern Maine’s rural economy and communities.

A U.S. Army veteran, Sen. Carpenter earned two Bronze Stars as an infantry platoon leader. Following his military service, he was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, where he served from 1974 to 1976 before being elected to the Maine Senate, where he served for ten years, including two as the Assistant Majority Leader, until 1986.

In 1991, he was elected by the Legislature as the 52nd Maine Attorney General, an office he held for four years during the governorship of Republican Gov. Jock McKernan. During that time, working with a Democratic Legislature and Republican governor, Sen. Carpenter learned that working across partisan divides was no only possible, but essential.

Sen. Carpenter is the son of potato farmers and a lifelong resident of Aroostook County. He resides in Houlton with his wife, Joanne, with whom he has three children. In addition to his law practice, Sen. Carpenter and his family operate Carriages of Acadia, a national park concession managed by his daughter, Emily, in Acadia National Park.


  • J.D., University of Maine School of Law, Class of 1983.

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