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Assistant Senate Democratic Leader
Nate Libby

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Senate authorizes renaming of Norridgewock bridge to honor the late Corporal Eugene Cole

AUGUSTA — On Wednesday, the Maine Senate unanimously voted to enact legislation renaming the Norridgewock bridge over the Kennebec River in honor of the late Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Eugene Cole, of Norridgewock, who was killed in the line-of-duty on April 25.  ...

Senate unanimously passes compromise tax conformity legislation

AUGUSTA--The Maine Senate unanimously passed compromise legislation to amend Maine’s tax code to reflect some changes made at the federal level and better support Maine-based businesses and families in an initial vote on Tuesday. Key components of the compromise tax deal include property tax...

Sen. Nate Libby is serving his second term in the Maine Senate, where he represents the residents of Lewiston, and his first term as the Assistant Democratic Leader, also known as “the Whip.” He is the ranking Senate member of the Government Oversight Committee and is ranking Senate member of the Task Force on Maine’s 21st Century Economy and Workforce. Prior to serving in the Senate, he served in the Maine House of Representatives, and has served on the Lewiston City Council since 2011. He was previously the ranking member of the Taxation Committee and the State and Local Government Committee.

Two core principles motivate Sen. Libby’s approach to public service: making government work better for people and being a fierce advocate for his city and the people of Lewiston.

Growing up in a working-class family in central Maine, Sen. Libby started work at age 14 and has held a number of jobs including landscaper, laborer, construction worker, carpenter, salesman, manager and community organizer. He was fortunate to attend Bates College through a need-based scholarship. There, he earned a degree in history and economics, fell in love with Lewiston, and made it his home after graduating.

Outside of the Legislature, Sen. Libby works as an economic development consultant and is pursuing his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Southern Maine.

Board Positions

Sen. Libby is the chairman of Lewiston’s Universally Accessibly Playground Committee.  He also is a past board member of the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council, Androscoggin Head Start and Tri-County Mental Health Services.

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