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Senate Democratic Whip
Nate Libby

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Sen. Libby’s student debt relief bill survives to fight another day

Legislature votes to carry the bond bill over to the next legislative session AUGUSTA — A bipartisan effort to relieve the immense burden of student debt on Maine families and the state’s economy will be carried over to the next legislative session. The move secures additional time for...

Lewiston’s Jeromey Rancourt honored with Legislative Sentiment

The Maine Legislature honored Lewiston’s Jeromey Rancourt on May 24 with a Legislative Sentiment in honor of him being awarded the Travis Roy Award. The Travis Roy Award goes to the top Senior Class A boys hockey player in Maine each year. “Jeromey showed real leadership and ability this...

Sen. Nate Libby is serving his second term in the Maine State Senate, representing the residents of Lewiston, and his first term as the Senate Democratic Whip. Prior to serving in the Senate, Nate served in the Maine House of Representatives, and has served on the Lewiston City Council since 2011. He was previously the ranking member of the Taxation Committee and the State and Local Government Committee. 

Two core principles motivate Sen. Libby’s approach to public service: making government work better for people and being a fierce advocate for his city and the people of Lewiston.

Growing up in a working-class family in central Maine, Sen. Libby started work at age 14 and has held a number of jobs including landscaper, laborer, construction worker, carpenter, salesman, manager and community organizer. He was fortunate to attend Bates College through a substantial need-based scholarship. There, he earned a degree in history and economics, fell in love with Lewiston, and made it his home after graduating.

Outside of the Legislature, Nate works as an economic development consultant and landlord.

Board Positions

Sen. Libby serves on the boards of the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council, Androscoggin Head Start and Lewiston’s Community Development Committee.

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