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Senate District 13
Cameron Reny

Sen. Cameron Reny grew up in a working-class family in Bristol. Her parents worked a variety of jobs to pay the bills, and she learned early the value of hard work. Now raising two young children here in Lincoln County, she feels stronger than ever that it is our responsibility to preserve a sustainable future for all Mainers to thrive.

As an educator and lifelong resident of Lincoln County, Sen. Reny understands the challenges of working people and families. As a certified school counselor, she guides young people and their caregivers to develop the social, emotional, and communication skills they need to be successful. She also acts as a resource for parents needing assistance, and helps find sustainable solutions to problems by engaging stakeholders in every step of the process.

Sen. Reny always knew she wanted to leave the world better than she found it. That’s what drew her to school counseling as a career. Through her experience as an educator, community advocate, union member, and leader of professional associations, Sen. Reny has worked at local, school, district, and state-wide levels to solve problems, support equitable policies, and advocate for children and families.

Sen. Reny is serving her first term in the Maine Senate.

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