Sens. Chipman and Dion receive perfect scores on education record

Posted: July 13, 2018 | Senator Chipman, Senator Dion

Sen. Ben Chipman and Sen. Mark Dion, both D-Portland earned a 100 percent rating from the Maine Education Association for their voting record on education issues during the second regular session of the 128th Legislature.

“Our educators and our schools play an enormous role in setting Maine kids up for success later in life,” said Sen. Chipman. “I’m glad we made progress this year on ensuring our kids are healthy and ready to learn every day, no matter where they’re from or what their family’s background is, and I’m dedicated to continuing those efforts.”

The Maine Education Association is an organization representing 24,000 Maine teachers and is dedicated to supporting policies and laws to improve public education.

“Ensuring our kids are safe in schools, particularly when it comes to gun violence, is a priority of mine,” said Sen. Dion. “We made progress in 2018, but there is much more to be done to ensure their safety in the classroom.”

This year, Sen. Chipman and Sen. Dion supported two successful bills to protect the health and safety of school children. The first bill, LD 1710, restored state funding for school-based health centers, some of which are located in Portland schools, which the Department of Health and Human Services unexpectedly cut last summer.  The second bill, LD 1858, makes technical changes to the School Revolving Renovation Fund to prioritize essential upgrades for school security systems. Both these bills provide Maine schools with the resources necessary to best meet the needs of their students from funding school safety upgrades to proper physical and mental health care.

Both senators also fought to protect Maine students and their families from predatory student loan companies, who make it impossible to pay off student debt and get ahead. While LD 1507 initially passed both the House and the Senate, the governor unfortunately vetoed the bill. Another bill that failed to become law because of the governor’s veto was LD 40, to ensure drinking water in all Maine schools is safe from lead and other harmful elements.

Sen. Chipman and Sen. Dion remain committed to fighting for Maine students and teachers.