Sens. Claxton and Libby vote to send transportation infrastructure investments to Maine voters for approval

Posted: August 27, 2019 | Senator Claxton, Senator Libby

Sen. Ned Claxton, D-Auburn, and Sen. Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, joined colleagues in the Legislature to send a bond proposal to Maine voters for their approval this November. This proposal includes critical investments in Maine’s roads and bridges. The vote was 32-0 in the Senate and 127-8 in the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, Republican lawmakers prevented Maine voters from getting a chance to decide on investments in broadband infrastructure, state parks, career and technical education and National Guard facilities, and low-interest loans to curb energy costs and promote efficiency.

“A vote on these bills would simply send these bonds, which make critical investments in Maine’s infrastructure and economy, to Maine voters for their consideration and approval. I trust voters in Lewiston to make sound decisions, and I would hope all other lawmakers feel the same way about their constituents,” said Sen. Libby. “Maine’s Constitution requires that we have a balanced budget, and we are a fiscally responsible state. A vote for these bills would not create any sort of budget deficit.”

“While I’m glad that a bond to repair and upgrade the state’s transportation infrastructure will be sent to the voters, I’m disappointed that Mainers will not get the final say on what other critical investments the State should be making,” said Sen. Claxton.

The only bond that Maine voters will consider invests $105 million in transportation projects. These funds will support repairs, upgrades and routine maintenance for Maine highways, bridges, culverts and working waterfronts. It will also contribute to good-paying jobs in the construction industry. Several reports indicate that construction workers are standing by and ready to do this work so Mainers can safely go to school, work, and about their daily lives.

The bond will now appear before all Maine voters on the ballot in November.