Vitelli bill to protect children from visual sexual aggression gets unanimous Committee support

Posted: February 06, 2018 | Senator Vitelli

AUGUSTA —A bill sponsored by Sen. Eloise Vitelli of Arrowsic to protect children from visual sexual aggression received unanimous support from the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Monday. LD 1728, “An Act To Amend Criminal Code Sentencing Provisions Relating To Increased Sentencing Classifications Based on Multiple Prior Convictions for Certain Violent or Sexual Crimes” seeks to impose stricter penalties on repeat offenders of visual sexual aggression against children.

This bill responds to a incident that happened earlier this year in Bath, where a man exposed himself to two young teenage girls near the library. It was later found out that the man had a history of this type of behavior.

“No child should be subjected to such a horrifying and emotionally scarring experience. We need to send a clear message that sexual aggression — at any time, at any age — is unacceptable,” said Sen. Vitelli. “We must take the appropriate action now to create a safer environment for our children to grow up in. Deterring repeat offenders from engaging in this type of behavior is the first step.”

This bill will elevate the classification of this type of crime for repeat offenders. It will now head to floor of the Senate for an initial vote.