Work plan for state bridge and road projects unveiled

Posted: January 21, 2016 | Senator Libby, Transportation

Democratic Sen. Nate Libby of Lewiston is pleased to share the details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for Lewiston. The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation projects throughout the state.

“The quality of our roads and transportation infrastructure is critical for any community,” said Sen. Libby. “I have always supported funding for these projects and look forward to seeing the many improvements in and around Lewiston.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan includes more than $2.2 billion worth of construction and maintenance, of which $520 million is scheduled for 497 capital projects in 2016. Included are projects for highways and bridges, transit (bus), passenger and freight railroad, aviation, ferries, ports and other marine facilities, and bicycle-pedestrian access.

MDOT is doubling the number of bridge projects in the state compared to last year, with an estimated 265 locations. In particular, the Chestnut Street bridge was not originally on the list until Sen. Libby and the Lewiston legislative delegation invited MDOT officials to inspect the bridge and to determine it as a priority. They were successful in securing funding for improvements of the one-of-a-kind historic bridge in 2016.

Sen. Libby stressed the importance of funding for the MDOT work plan and its investment to the area and entire state. The following breakdown is what the planned capital and maintenance work will mean for Lewiston in 2016:


  • Bartlett Street, beginning at College Street and extending southerly 1.08 miles to East Avenue.
  • Route 126, beginning at Randall Road and extending easterly 1.38 miles.
  • Route 202, beginning at Strawberry Avenue and extending easterly .87 of a mile to Memorial Avenue. Then beginning at Stetson Road and extending easterly 1.85 miles to Greene town line.

Bridge projects:

  • Veterans Memorial bridge ramp E.
  • Chestnut Street bridge.


  • Public transportation improvements and planning for Citylink bus.

Click here to view the funding estimates for these projects and the full list of Lewiston projects for years 2017 and 2018.

The entire MDOT work plan can be viewed here.