Work plan for state bridge and road projects unveiled

Posted: January 20, 2016 | Senator Diamond, Transportation

AUGUSTA – Sen. Bill Diamond of Windham is pleased to announce the details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for the state and region. The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation projects throughout the state.

“As a member of the legislature’s transportation committee, I am proud of the vision laid out in the work plan to improve the condition of our roads and bridges,” said Sen. Diamond. “Maine people depend on our transportation infrastructure, as does the success of our economy.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan includes more than $2.2 billion worth of construction and maintenance, of which $520 million is scheduled for 497 capital projects in 2016. The 3 year plan estimates MDOT will invest in 208 miles of highway construction; 798 miles of pavement preservation; 1,800 miles of light capital paving for roads and highways; 199 spot and safety improvements; 265 bridge construction projects (over double the number last year); $32 million in ports and marine upgrades; and $90 million in rail projects; $82 million in transit capital; $88 million in aviation projects; and $20 million in bicycle access and pedestrian facilities.

“All of these projects are significant investments for the region and entire state,” added Sen. Diamond.

Click here to view the entire MDOT work plan or here to search the project listings by town.